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Volleyball news and information for Sporting Albany..


Battle for the Capital Thank You!

Kim Lloyd



The Sporting Albany Battle for the Capital Boys Volleyball Tournament would not have happened without a true team effort.  It takes organizers and worker bees and Sporting Albany has a tremendous number of each!

While we had a fairly large hurdle to tackle Saturday morning at Sage, we still managed to end the tournament on time. (Thank you Guilderland School District for the net!) There are many pieces to running a tournament and we want to recognize and thank the following people for their hard work and effort:

Battle for the Capital Steering Committee

  • Sheri Townsend
  • Betsy Dollard
  • Sue Riedy
  • Nancy Conway
  • James Cesare
  • Sylvia Taylor
  • Mike Welton
  • Coach Kim Lloyd
  • Coach Zack Kuhn
  • Coach Brian O‘Connor


Tournament Directors

  • Sage:  Coach Zack Kuhn
  • Albany Academy:  Coach Kim Lloyd


Scorekeeper Table Logs

  • Nancy Conway

Sales for Concession and T-shirt Leadership

  • Sheri Townsend

Concession Management

  • Sue Riedy
  • Nancy Conway
  • Laurie Kent
  • Sylvia Taylor
  • Steve Taylor
  • Betsy Dollard
  • Judy Ortiz
  • Yolanda Caldwell
  • Dorin Calbaza
  • 16 U Boys


Hot Food Specialists

  • Matt and Heidi Ruth- owners of DC Pizza



  • James Cesare


Onsite Pool Management

  • Sage-Jimmy Pompeo
  • Albany Academy-Coach Kim Lloyd Haley Kent & Emma Wilkins


Corporate Sponsor Requests

  • James Cesare
  • Betsy Dollard
  • Sylvia Taylor


FINALLY to the heroes that are too numerous to list, our volunteer parents and family members, who kept checking in and stepping up when work was needed AND who donated items!  Thanks to your flexibility to man concessions, registration tables and be runners, everyone got to watch some of the action!  


One last shout out to our players and coaches who not only worked hard at the net but also in setup and cleanup.


  • 14U Boys and Coach Sipe
  • 16U Boys and Coaches Lloyd and Hartl
  • 17U Boys and Coach O’Connor
  • 18U Boys and Coaches Kuhn and Jaromin