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Volleyball news and information for Sporting Albany..


Urgent Items and FAQ

Kim Lloyd

In an effort to get everyone on the same page, here are some things you need to know.  Much of this information has been relayed at practices or over email, however we are realizing that information has not been getting through as intended.  I understand that much of this is rather last minute, and I apologize for that, but it is also very important that we cover all the bases.  This is an attempt to organize everything you need to know in one spot. 


Sporting Albany Membership Checklist:


As a member of Sporting Albany Volleyball Club, there are a few things that need to be done in order for all players to be included on rosters and therefore accepted into tournaments:


Have I upgraded my IREVA membership to the full-year ($60) membership?

Have I affiliated my profile with Sporting Albany Volleyball Club?


Both of these questions require you to log into Webpoint on the IREVA website.  Please follow this link if you are unsure where to go:


Once a player completes both of these steps, they are eligible to be placed onto official rosters that tournament directors require.  If they are not on a roster, they either cannot attend the desired tournament, or the club is required to pay a roster-change fee at the tournament. 


“Stay-and-Play” tournaments vs Non Stay-and-Play tournaments:


Many of the tournaments we attend are “stay-and-play” tournaments.  These are our multi-day tournaments.  What this means is that in order to be accepted into the tournament, each team must reserve a minimum number of hotel rooms through the tournament’s booking service.  The club will always get a block of rooms for a discounted rate and send out the booking information, but after a designated amount of time, the block will expire.  It is the SAVB member’s job to either follow the online link or call the booking number to reserve their rooms.  If the minimum amount is not fulfilled, our acceptance into the tournament can be denied and we will no longer have those play days.

Our single day tournaments are NOT "stay-and-play" tournaments.  For these, we leave it up to the parents and players to decide whether or not they would like to stay in a hotel.  We will not go out and reserve a block of rooms for these tournaments.  If someone would like to travel the night before a tournament, it is their responsibility to book whichever hotel they feel most comfortable.  If not, parents and players are free to travel the morning of a tournament. 


Upcoming “stay-and-play” tournaments:


January 14-15 – Rochester Can Am – ALL BOYS TEAMS ARE ATTENDING (hotel expiration date 12/28)


Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Rochester/Henrietta
Group Name: Albany Volleyball
Arrival Date: 13-Jan-2017
Departure Date: 15-Jan-2017

Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly.


February 25-26 – Boys Atlantic Northeastern – BOYS 18U and 16 Orange ARE ATTENDING (hotel expiration date 1/12)


Below is the link for your team’s booking site.  If the team used the regular site, it will ask them for their access code which is KRVSPORTA17.  The site would then be re-directed to the booking site page (same as the link).  Either way works, the link is quicker.  


Booking Link:


The reduction date for Sporting Albany will be January 3rd, 2017.  At this time, if you have not booked 50% of your room block, we will reduce the block by 25%. 

The expiration date for Sporting Albany will be January 12th, 2017.  At this time, any unused rooms from the block will be placed back into general inventory or assigned to a team on the waiting list.


Booking Instructions:

1.       Click on your team’s unique booking link.

2.       Choose your check in and check out date.

3.       Select the room type that you wish to book.

4.       Complete the personal contact information and payment information. A credit card is required to make a reservation. However, no payment is due when the reservation is made. You will pay for your room upon arrival at the hotel. Please make sure to refer to your specific hotel's cancellation policy for those details as well.

5.       You will receive a confirmation email immediately following completion of the reservation with an Acknowledgement Number.

6.       You may make changes& cancellations within this same link using your Passkey Acknowledgement Number.    



March 4-5 – Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival – BOYS 18U (hotel expiration date 1/1)


Your Parent Passcode is: P18540799727250
Parent Passcode Instructions

1.       Visit the THS website home page,

2.       Enter the Parent Passcode (P18540799727250) in the Parent Reservation Passcode box at the top of the page

3.       You will then be logged into a page that allows you to enter your personal information to the rooming list.

If you need further assistance, please call 888-536-8326 or 888-536-0366.



Practice and Tournament Schedules


All practices and tournaments are listed on each team’s specific webpage.  Follow the “teams” tab above and select which team you are looking for.  As of right now, practices are set in stone.  Any changes will be either due to weather or last minute scheduling conflicts with the schools we use.  Tournaments are about 90% set.  There are a couple changes coming down the pipeline so be on the lookout for the next week or two.


Coach and Parent Rep Contact Information


18U Head Coach & Club Director - Zack Kuhn –

                Parent Rep – Betsy Dollard –


16 Blue Head Coach - Thaddeus Sipe –

                Parent Rep – Becky vonWedel –


16 Orange Head Coach – Reid Hartl –

                Parent Rep – Tom Budka –


15U Head Coach – Adam Johnson –

                Parent Rep – TBD (please refer to Coach Kuhn or Betsy Dollard)


14U Head Coach – Rich Mancini –

                Parent Rep – TBD (please refer to either Coach Kuhn or Betsy Dollard)



If there are any questions at all, or there is something I may have missed, please reach out to me ( or Betsy Dollard (



Zack Kuhn

Club Director

Head Coach